Why LTO is the right choice for heavy-duty applications

The Echandia LTO-battery is a new light-weight high performance battery system based on Toshiba’s LTO (Lithium-Titanium-Oxide) cells. These represent a new generation of batteries that deliver high power instantly and can be charged extremely quickly.

Echandia delivers batteries with a Battery Management System (BMS), which ensures full performance over the battery’s lifetime as well as suitable installation components, racks and cables. We can supply batteries with a guaranteed minimum 5-7 years or up to unlimited number of cycles.


A modular battery system

Echandia has built a smart, highly-scalable modular design system.
The  system is based on modules from Toshiba which undergo continuous development to make them the best in the market.  


Our LTO-batteries have an extreme long life time expectancy as well as best in class cycle endurance. The batteries can be charged up to indefinite cycles at high DOD (depth of discharge),

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the battery chemistry is resilient towards external heat which prevents thermal runaways. It also does not form dendrite as other Lithium-ion chemistries

Long Life Cycle

When you need to charge and discharge many times a day the system has a higher DOD (Depth of discharge) and extreme long life expectancy

High Power & High Charging Rates

With up to 3.5C continuous charge/discharge our LTO-batteries charge faster than any other battery chemistry. Go from 5% to 80% of full capacity in less than 15 minutes. 


DNV and Bureau Veritas type approval for LTO batteries

Adapted for maritime industry

A light weight LTO-battery that suits maritime applications

Cost efficient

Echandia’s LTO battery is the most cost efficient solution


Best in class safety benefits.

Our batteries have no thermal runaway when external abuse, passive security measurements and no propagation between cells within modules without an active cooling system

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Technical Specifications

All the details 

If you are interested in knowing the details on how our LTO-battery systems functions, number of charging times and other details please contact us to get technical specifications and datasheets.