The beginning of a new era. Powered by Echandia.

We stand on the brink of a transformation. The maritime world is becoming electrified, with a goal to have an emission-free global fleet by 2050.

This means that as we upgrade old or build new vessels, we must ensure that they do not emit harmful greenhouse gases. They must also provide a safe, durable, and cost-efficient solution with a long life cycle.

This is no small task. At least 150,000 vessels are in need of a new energy solution over the next 30 years.

Company Quick Facts


Echandia is powering a new era. Maritime is being electrified and Echandia is part of the solution.


Echandia Group AB is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with a fuel cell arm and R&D in Canada.


Echandia develops heavy-duty LTO battery systems and integrated fuel cell solutions for applications in maritime and industrial use.

A part of the solution

Echandia is part of the solution. That means we provide high-power solutions that let ship owners and operators transition from running fleets on fossil fuels to building economically viable fleets of zero-emission vessels.

We work closely with shipyards and system integrators all over the world to realize their ambitions of getting to zero.

Electrifying the maritime industry

Today only a small fraction of our global fleet is carbon neutral. Batteries will go a long way toward electrifying maritime applications.

But for larger vessels and ocean-going ships, hydrogen fuel-cell systems will be required to meet the increased need for energy storage and power.

In 2022, Echandia will launch an integrated battery and hydrogen fuel cell system. This energy-efficient solution will take aim at fuel economy,  dramatically reducing the need to carry excess quantities of compressed hydrogen.

A new era.

Echandia has the experience and industry expertise to develop innovative energy storage solutions and is well established in the maritime sector.

With type approval from leading classification organizations, such as DNV and Bureau Veritas, Echandia has a unique position as one of the few global suppliers able to embark on large, heavy-duty projects.