Maritime Battery Systems

Echandia LTO is a lithium-ion based heavy-duty battery system built and certified for maritime use.

Maritime battery systems for electric propulsion, hybrids or spinning reserve?

Echandia battery systems have the modularity and flexibility to be used in all kinds of maritime applications, ranging from smaller waterbuses and commuter ferries to large ocean-going vessels. Both for full electric propulsion, hybridization as well as onboard support systems such as peak shaving, spinning reserve and UPS.

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Echandia Design Philosophy

Commercial maritime applications operate in tough environments. Systems are exposed to vibrations, heat and cold while maintaining busy schedules and frequent charge and discharge cycles.

Our systems are built to handle the toughest demands, meeting the highest safety requirements, and to be a financially viable choice for shipowners. Our battery installations and battery-management systems are lightweight, modular and functional, providing a positive installation experience. We offer through life support on all our installations.

Size & weight

Our Lithium-ion LTO systems can be up to 50 percent lighter and significantly smaller than most lithium-ion alternatives. We can meet the energy requirement with less oversizing.

Durability & cycle life

The best way to get a low total cost of ownership, is to use batteries for longer. With less degradation over time you can be sure to follow the lifespan of the vessel.

Safety & endurance

Maritime battery systems needs to endure harsh environments, with vibrations, heat, cold while operating under tough profiles. At the same time, they must maintaining a high level of safety.

Electrifying heavy-duty applications


Electric Propulsion

Battery systems can I many cases be used as the primary source of energy to propel the vessel. This is a true zero-emission solution available for a range of vessels



Batteries on larger vessels can be used to create hybrid propulsion systems and reserve power


Onboard support systems

By using batteries on larger vessels, we can create an energy efficient operation. Typical applications are spinning reserve, peak shaving

Technical Specifications

Do you want to know more? Like, what size would a Echandia LTO battery need to be for my application? What would it cost and what would the weight be?

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