Management team

Magnus Eriksson

MSc Naval architect, founder, submarine expert (FMV), expert in energy solutions for heavy-duty applications.

Fredrik Hellström
Deputy Managing Director

PhD, fluid dynamics and MSc, Naval architect. Previously FMV with extensive experience in naval design and large scale project management. Joined Echandia in 2021.

Sabina Dahlin

MSc in Embedded Electronic System Design, background in automotive electrical and software development. Joined Echandia 2021.

Robert Fedor

MSc Naval architect, background in submarines (FMV) and energy solutions for heavy-duty applications. Joined Echandia in 2017.

Johan Larsson
Head of Sales

MSc Mech Eng. Extensive experience from B2B sales of products and systems in the energy and maritime ecosystem. Joined Echandia in 2020.

Jarich Nooitgedagt

Executive MBA from HHS, experience in intra-startup and building finance functions in scale-up environments. Joined Echandia in 2021.

Carl Bjurling

MSc in Business Administration, with extensive experience in brand building and as marketing and communications strategist. Joined Echandia in 2021.