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Maritime is being electrified. Targets are set for shipping to be emission free by 2050. So quite likely, your next project contains batteries. For propulsion or onboard support systems - batteries need to be included. But where to begin?

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Electrification projects can include full electric propulsion, hybridization and onboard electric support systems such as spinning reserve, UPS, peak shaving and zero-emission port calls. We work with shipyards, system integrators and operators to electrify maritime transport with LTO-based battery systems and integrated fuel cell solutions.

Electrifying tugboats – Sparky comes alive

Today, all shipyards are looking for ways to build emission-free vessels that are safe, durable, and economically viable. To electrify Sparky, Damen Shipyards turned to Echandia for type-approved LTO-battery solutions.

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Echandia LTO Battery Systems

Offering both power and safety, the Echandia LTO battery system is built for heavy-duty applications and certified for maritime use. Is it a good fit for your project? Get all the details and technical specifications here. Want to talk about your next project or learn more about our technology?

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Clarion Hotel Stockholm Stockholm, E-prize vinnare kategori HÅLLBARA TRANSPORTER är Magnus Eriksson, CEO, Echandia på Hållbart näringsliv.

Echandia wins E-Prize, Sweden’s largest award for climate innovation

17 November 2021
cost-efficient battery system part 2

Finding the most cost-efficient battery system, part 2

4 November 2021

Echandia secures order for the world’s first emission-free high-speed catamaran

28 October 2021

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