Echandia Power

The Echandia Power battery system is an air-cooled, lithium-ion battery system, certified for maritime heavy-duty usage.

With its lightweight rack construction and high performance, Echandia Power is ideally suited for hybridization applications where high power is required under shorter periods of time, typically five minutes or under per cycle.

The capabilities of Echandia Power battery system solves multiple challenges for operators with high demands. It will deliver high power instantly and can be charged extremely quickly with a guaranteed functional life expectancy of at least five years. A Battery Management System (BMS) ensures full performance over the battery’s lifetime as well as installed components.



Echandia Power is suitable for onboard support systems, such as spinning reserve, peak shaving, load leveling and UPS



Echandia Power is used in larger vessels, such as RoRo & RoPax vessels, defense and security, cargo and shipping


Made for maritime

Echandia battery systems is ideal for harsh conditions where it provides continuous operation, regular charging intervals and supplies instant high power

Technical Specifications

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