Company Facts




Maritime and grid


Batteries and fuel cells



Magnus Eriksson


MSc Naval architect, founder, submarine expert (FMV), expert in energy solutions for heavy-duty applications.


Robert Fedor


MSc Naval architect, background in submarines (FMV) and energy solutions for heavy-duty applications. Joined Echandia in 2017.

Head of Sales

Johan Larsson

Head of Sales

MSc Mech Eng. Extensive experience from B2B sales of products and systems in the energy and maritime ecosystem. Joined Echandia in 2020.


Jarich Nooitgedagt


Executive MBA from HHS, experience in intra-startup and building finance functions in scale-up environments. Joined Echandia in 2021.


Carl Bjurling


MSc in Business Administration, with extensive experience in brand building and as marketing and communications strategist. Joined Echandia in 2021.

Board of Directors

Jan-Erik Dantoft
Joined: 2018
Previously: MSc Mech. Eng. Scania, Haldex, Sandvik, Camfil

Magnus Eriksson
MSc Naval architect, founder, extensive experience with submarines at FMV

Lars Bergkvist
Joined: 2021
MSc Mech. Eng. & Mark. Mgm. SEB Enskilda, Nordea Inv. Mgm., Lannebo Fonder

Anna Söderblom
Joined: 2021
PhD Economics, HHS Microsoft Nordic, Swedish Post

Lennart Grabe
Joined: 2020
Previously: LL.M, Management
Team at Ericsson, CEO Swedish Post, CEO Svensk Hypotekspension

Claes Thurell
Joined: 2018
Previously: MBA Business Adm, investor with focus on technology


We are entering a new era.

Climate change  has forced us to start the shift towards an emission-free world. This is an overwhelming task for many companies and organisations. As a niche actor focusing on the most advanced energy solutions for heavy-duty applications,

Echandia is proud to be in the very front of this shift, leading the development in the maritime and rail sectors.

To live up to the climate goals, the International Maritime Organisation has the goal of reducing ship emissions by 50% by 2050 and 100% by 2050 and beyond.  This means finding new energy solutions for approximately 151,000 ships over the next 30 years. 

Zero-Emission Energy Storage Solutions

Echandia is a world-leading supplier of the most advanced, zero-emission energy storage solutions (ESS) for heavy-duty maritime applications and the leading supplier of heavy-duty, LTO (lithium titanate oxide) battery systems.

The company supports shipyards and system integrators with high-end, robust and safe technology.  For battery solutions, Echandia works exclusively with LTO batteries for heavy-duty applications and is Toshiba’s preferred maritime module integrator.  

The Echandia Difference

Echandia has many years’ experience developing innovative transport solutions and is well-established in both the maritime and rail fields.  The company has built a highly-scalable modular design system, smartly created to enable profitable growth. Echandia has a unique position as one of the few global suppliers with the expertise, solutions and certification to embark on large, heavy-duty LTO battery projects. This has allowed us to partner with world-leading companies, such as the world’s biggest shipyard Damen Shipyards. Damen Shipyards and Echandia recently delivered heavy-duty LTO batteries for Copenhagen’s fleet of public transport vessels. 

However, even heavy-duty LTO batteries are not the solution for all vessels, due to vessel size, speed and distance. Hydrogen fuel-cell systems will be required for many applications. Echandia is developing a world-leading fuel-cell system alongside Canadian Redrock Power.

Echandia has formed strategic partnership with companies, including Vattenfall and Toshiba.  Our latest achievement is a new 6C battery system that will allow us to fully charge a battery system in under 10 minutes. This will be a game-changer for the maritime battery industry.

Welcome to the world of advanced maritime energy storage technology.


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