Echandia LTO – power and safety

The Echandia LTO is an air cooled, light-weight high performance battery system optimized and certified for maritime heavy-duty usage.

The capabilities of Echandia LTO battery solve multiple challenges for operators and ship builders with high demands. Echandia LTO battery system deliver high power instantly and can be charged extremely quickly with a guaranteed functional life expectancy of at least 5 years.

Echandias Battery Management System (BMS) ensures full performance over the battery’s lifetime as well as installed components.


Safe and durable

The LTO (Lithium-Titanium-Oxide) battery chemistry is resilient towards external heat which prevents thermal runaways. It does not form dendrite as other Lithium-ion chemistries.


Modular and flexible

Echandia has built a smart, highly scalable modular system. It is developed, optimized and certified to sustain demanding maritime applications and to withstand heat, moisture and external abuse.


Long life expectancy

Echandia LTO-battery systems have a long life-time expectancy as well as best in class cycle endurance. The batteries can sustain 30,000 cycles or more at high DOD (depth of discharge).

Why install excess capacity just in case?

Why install excess capacity just in case? LTO-batteries can hold the same amount of required and usable energy as alternative chemistries, but with a smaller number of installed kWh. This means less space needed onboard and, of course, less weight. Which, consequently, means it is cheaper at purchase.

Thanks to a lower resistance level during charging, less heat is being generated, LTO batteries deliver high power instantly and can be charged very quickly and in frequent cycles.

Optimal for industrial applications and business operations. The LTO-battery chemistry surpasses other alternatives when it comes to cycle life. With Echandia’s LTO-battery solutions, it’s estimated that a 20,000 cycle LTO battery will achieve 55,000 cycles or more, at 50% DOD.


Made for maritime

Maritime applications require heavy-duty batteries. They usually operate in demanding environments and are subjected to continuous use.

At the same time, it needs to be consistently safe over the entire life span of the vessel as well as providing an economically viable solution to meet financial obligations of the operator.

The Echandia LTO-battery system is ideal for applications in continuous operation and regular charging intervals or onboard applications with instant high power requirements.


DNV and Bureau Veritas type approval for LTO batteries is validation that our solutions meet strictest requirements.

Adapted for maritime industry

A light weight LTO-battery that suits heavy duty and demanding maritime applications

Cost efficient

Echandia’s LTO battery is the most cost efficient solution at installation and over time

Technical Specifications

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