Movitz The world´s first supercharged ferry

Movitz was Echandia’s first project. The project was part-funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. The challenge was to supercharge an emission-free, 100% battery-driven ferry. And since it was the first project of its kind in the world, the outcome was uncertain.

From conventional to electric 

The Movitz project involved transforming a conventional passenger ferry to battery-driven without affecting speed or timetables.  At the time there were 3 electric ferries in service globally.  This was a ground-breaking project. 

“Echandia developed the entire system for Movitz, from propulsion system to charging station and operated the boat through our sister company Green City Ferries, so we learned about electric transportation from all angles” says Magnus Eriksson, CEO of Echandia

10 minute charging time

Echandia’s LTO-battery system provides more power than conventional batteries, reducing the charging time to 10 minutes for a one-hour run time. 

The project took 2 years from start to finish and the supercharged ferry was put into traffic in Stockholm summer of 2019. 

Project Specifications
  • Operator Green Ferry Stockholm
  • 80 pax
  • LTO Batteries
  • Battery size 120 kWh