Echandia Deliver LTO Battery Systems for Dutch Electric and Hybrid Ferries

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  • 2 February 2021

Echandia – the Swedish ESS supplier is involved in building electric ferries for the Rotterdam area. Echandia has signed a contract with Damen Shipyards, the world’s largest shipyard, to provide them with battery systems for six ferries to operate in Rotterdam and nearby cities. This is the first part of a major environmental update of seaborne public transport in the Rotterdam area. It was Echandia’s expertise in maritime battery solutions that closed the deal.

This is what the electric ferries in Rotterdam will look like when they are completed.

Echandia has signed a contract to supply LTO battery systems for the new fleet of environmentally friendly public transport ferries to be installed in Rotterdam and the nearby cities of Sliedrecht and Dordrecht, as well as to the Kinderdijk World Heritage Site.

In a first step, six hybrid ferries have been ordered. The boat structures themselves are the work of the Dutch shipyard Damen. The plan for the six hybrid ferries is that by 2030 they will be converted to electric power only.

The order for the ferries comes from Dutch Aqualiner-Swets. They are built to meet Aqualiner-Swet’s climate goals with better energy efficiency and a hull designed for less resistance in the water. The ferries will be operational during all hours and charged at scheduled and regular intervals.

This is a really exciting project. The water buses are designed to also provide passengers with great travel experiences. They are also extremely fuel efficient due to the low weight and a hybrid system that kicks in at consumption peaks. The clean electric ferries are of a similar type that started to be used by public transport in Copenhagen in 2020,” says Echandia’s CEO Magnus Eriksson.

The choice fell on Echandia’s LTO battery system as it optimizes weight and safety and is also economically most attractive. LTO is today the safest battery option to be used in a maritime environment without the risk of overheating and potential fires. Our proprietary E-LTO system  does not require any additional measures such as water cooling or fire extinguishing systems. The E-LTO batteries are only air-cooled in a simple, safe and robust system.

This is the third project where we collaborate with Echandia. They are simply world leaders in marine battery technology today, which is why together we become a win-win combination. They meet the very high demands on safety, battery efficiency and flexibility required by marine transport media. It feels safe to work with Echandia, both because they know what they are doing, because they are ready on time and because our customers are doing well,” says Johan Reurink, Supply Chain Manager at Damen Shipyards Group.

Echandia is leading the development of zero-emission energy solutions for industrial applications.
By pioneering advanced heavy-duty LTO battery systems and proprietary, lightweight battery racks and system architecture, Echandia creates solutions for complex and demanding applications.   

Echandia is Toshiba’s preferred maritime module integrator and one of the few global suppliers with the experience, solutions, and certification to embark on large projects. 

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