Echandia Launches New Maritime Battery Dimensioning Tool

Echandia, the leading Swedish supplier of safer maritime battery systems, has launched its innovative battery dimensioning tool, WattWizzard. This easy-to-use tool provides customers with an accessible and simple way to determine the optimal battery configuration for their specific maritime projects. The official launch took place at this year’s Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo.

WattWizzard is designed to simplify the complexities of battery configuration. By entering the vessel’s data and operational profile, customers receive a tailored estimate of the Echandia battery system best suited for their vessel. This early insight into the size and weight of the required system facilitates more efficient design processes and decision-making.

”With WattWizzard, we aim to make electrification even easier and more intuitive for our customers,” says Felix Backgård, Technical Sales Manager at Echandia. ”This tool empowers users to make informed choices about their battery needs, enhancing both the efficiency and safety of their maritime operations.”

WattWizzard exemplifies the company’s dedication to supporting its customers through advanced, user-friendly technology. Echandia’s commitment to innovation and safety continues to drive the development of cutting-edge solutions in the maritime industry.

For more information about WattWizzard or to request access, please contact Felix Backgård,

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