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Copenhagen Electrifying Copenhagen\'s Commuter Ferries

Damen Shipyards chose Echandia’s LTO Battery system for the world’s first acquisition of a fleet of electric commuter ferries by leading multinational public transport company Arriva Denmark.

The order is for 7 vessels, each of which can carry 80 passengers. The project will upgrade Copenhagen’s ferry service to one that is efficient and environmentally-friendly as well as economically viable. Echandia, with primary operations in Stockholm, Sweden was responsible for both the world’s first supercharged electric ferry – Movitz and the world’s fastest electric ferry – BB Green.

The project marks Echandia Marine’s full commercial launch of its new battery system, which is developed using Japanese electronics giant Toshiba’s SCiB™ technology.

This technology is the result of many years\’ development work, partly funded by EU in the BB Green projects.  The system is a lightweight, long-lasting, technologically-advanced heavy-duty battery system with LTO (lithium titanate oxide) cells for fast and frequent charging. The benefits of LTO, previously considered too expensive for the maritime industry, are substantial. The primary advantages are high power output, high charging capability, long life and safety.

“With Toshiba’s long experience of LTO batteries, we can offer our customer a safe, reliable, cost-effective battery system. We currently work exclusively with LTO batteries. We are proud that after extensive investigations into environmental performance, cost-efficiency, optimal passenger experience and reliability, Damen Shipyards ultimately chose Echandia’s LTO battery system” says Echandia’s CEO Magnus Eriksson

Project Specifications

  • 80 pax
  • Operational profile: 1-hour trip, 6 minutes charging at 3.5 C
  • 17 charges per day
  • LTO Batteries
  • Battery size 183 kWh