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Echandia is all about sharing knowledge. And over the years we have gained a lot of it. Ranging from pure electric propulsion, battery onboard support systems to fuel-cells – in maritime, and other kinds of industrial applications.

So, no matter where you are in the ecosystem – or in your process to electrify, there are always new insights to gain and things to learn.

Reserve your spot now to get inside information on how to get started with electrification, batteries, and integrated fuel cell-systems and take the chance to discuss with our experts. Some of these webinars has a limited number of seats because we want to make ensure quality content and active participation.

Peak shaving and other ways to use batteries on a vessel PhD, Rakshith Sachitanand (45 min plus discussion)

  • 18th of March 08.00 – 09.00 GMT
  • Open for Registration

Marine electrification is not limited to smaller vessels. In fact, there are a number of applications that can be retrofitted and significantly reduce fuel consumption and lead to longer lifetime of diesel generators. Mr. Sachitanand will detail the best ways to proceed with battery based onboard support systems and what levels of reduction is possible, as well as estimated ROI for different applications and vessel types.

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Comparing battery systems – how to evaluate and choose? Speaker: Head of Sales, Johan Larsson (45 min plus discussion)

  • Date & time to be announced
  • Open seats

If you are comparing different battery types on cell level you’ll probably end up with the wrong system for your application. You need to evaluate the complete battery system, to be optimized for your specific use case. In this webinar Johan Larsson guides you through a system-by–system comparison for different use cases (operational profiles) and how they rank in cost, weight and other parameters.

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Safety first – why is LTO the safest battery chemistry? Speaker: PhD, Rakshith Sachitanand (45 min plus discussion)

  • Date & time to be announced
  • Open seats

Replacing fossil fuels with batteries poses challenges. One of the major is of course safety, especially when it comes to public transport and large vessels. Battery thermal runaway pose a great risk of fires and explosions. But the risks can be greatly reduced, or even eliminated, with the right battery type and solution. In this technical webinar, Mr Sachitanand outlines the technical reasons why LTO is the safest chemistry.

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