Challenging the marine industry with safer electrification

Our battery systems are built to meet the highest safety requirements. They are also a good choice for your bottom line.

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Electrification projects can include full electric propulsion, hybridization and onboard electric support systems such as spinning reserve, UPS, peak shaving and zero-emission port calls. We are challenging the maritime industry with safer electrification. Our solutions are designed to meet the highest quality, safety, and lifetime requirements, and to withstand the toughest demands and operational profiles.


What battery configuration suits your vessel the best?

Configuring a ship’s battery system may be a complex task. How about identifying your dimensioning needs early in the design process? Enter your vessel data into the WattWizard battery dimensioning tool to gain insight today.
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Electrification is a hot topic. But not if you use our battery systems

Our battery systems are developed to eliminate the risk of heat build-up and fires. In addition to safe battery technology, intelligent systems ensure your vessel does not suffer a power loss due to a fault in the battery system – so you are always in control.

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Make the battery system a small issue

Size and weight are key when building a vessel. Our battery systems can be up to 50% lighter and significantly smaller than most alternatives. This is possible because our systems require less oversizing to meet the energy requirement.

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Echandia Battery Systems

Offering both power and safety, the Echandia battery system is built for heavy-duty applications and certified for maritime use. Is it a good fit for your project? Get all the details and technical specifications here. Want to talk about your next project or learn more about our technology?

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Echandia enters offshore energy-sector to reduce emissions in drilling operations

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  • 3 February 2023

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