Echandia is featured on the ‘Insiders Guide To Energy’ Podcast

“What’s the desired outcome of this transformation? It’s not really a matter of diesel versus electricity – so it’s an irrelevant question – diesel is going to be taxed so heavily it won’t be a viable option. The question is – what is the best zero emission solution compared to the competition – that is what I’m focusing on…”

Our CEO, Magnus Eriksson in the podcast, Insiders Guide To Energy – replying to the question of the ROI of  moving towards zero emission solutions, and around the business case of diesel versus electric propulsion.

What lies ahead for maritime electrification

Our CEO, Magnus Eriksson joined the hosts of Insiders Guide To Energy, Chris Sass and Johan Oberg in a discussion on numerous topics around the prospects of maritime electrification.

Listen to this podcast if you want to better understand:

  • What it means to develop a heavy-duty battery system?
  • How does the requirements of maritime application differ from what is required from and EV battery?
  • What impact will the regulatory frameworks have on the industry and what will the transformation look like as we move forward?
  • What are the biggest questions when it comes to infrastructure and the requirements at ports? How do we solve those issues?
  • And lastly, what role do hydrogen play a role in the maritime fuel map?

Listen in to get answers to these questions and to find out the future of the marine industry.

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